Learn All About the Dale Murphy Rookie Card

By: Marty Beets

Dale Murphy is considered one of the best baseball players of the 1980s. He played for the Atlanta Braves from 1976 to 1990 and spent the last few years of his career in Philadelphia and Colorado.

His rookie and early cards are sought after and somewhat valuable in high-grade condition. Let's take a look at some of these vintage Dale Murphy cards:

1977 Topps Rookie Catcher 

Card #476

This is the only card in the hobby that is considered a Dale Murphy rookie card.

The 1977 Topps Rookie Catchers card features Dale Murphy and three other players.  Murphy made his mark in the MLB as a Center Fielder, but started his career as a catcher.

1978 Topps Rookie Catchers

Card #708

For the 2nd year in a row Topps issued a rookie catchers card that featured Murphy. This is not considered a rookie card.

Murphy is still listed as a catcher at this point in his career.  Although this isn't a Dale Murphy rookie, it is Lance Parrish's rookie card.

1978 Coca-Cola WPLO Radio

This is a Braves set released by Coca-Cola and a radio station in the Atlanta area.  It is not considered a rookie.

The WPLO Coca-Cola Braves set has 14 cards including Hall of Famer Phil Niekro. The Murphy is  affordably priced for one of the three earliest cards of his career.

1979 Topps

Card #39

This is the first Topps card that Dale Murphy doesn't share with other players. It is not considered a rookie card

The 1979 Topps Dale Murphy card #39 is not a rookie, but it is the first solo Topps Dale Murphy card.  His 1977 and 1978 cards both featured three other players. 

Here's a summary of Murphy's early cards. 

1978 Topps  Not a Murphy rookie

1977 Topps Universally considered a rookie

1979 Coco-Cola WPLO Not a rookie 

1979 Topps Not a rookie