Learn All About the Jack Nicklaus Rookie Cards

By: Marty Beets

Jick Nicklaus is considered one of the greatest golfers in history. He holds the record for most major tournament wins with 18, including 6 Masters Tournament wins.

His rookie and early cards are very sought after and valuable. Let's take a look at some of these vintage Jack Nicklaus golf cards:

1971 Barratt & Co. 

Card #6

The 1971 Barratt & Co. Limited Famous Sportsman card is the first Nicklaus card. It is considered a rookie.

The 1971 Barratt & Co. Limited Famous Sportsmen set is a multi-sport tobacco card set that was issued in England. The Nicklaus is rare and valuable.

1973-74 Panini

Card #375

The 1973-74 Panini Campioni Dello Sport is an Italian-issued sticker. It is also considered a rookie.

Th1 1973-74 Panini Campioni Dello Sport Jack Nicklaus sticker #375 is another great Nicklaus issue from the 1970s. It is also rare and valuable.

1981 Donruss Golf

card #13

The 1982 Donruss Nicklaus card was the first major-release US card.  It is also considered a rookie card.

This is considered a rookie card because it was a widely distributed set.  It’s not as valuable as the first two cards mentioned, but it’s still a valuable and sought-after vintage card.

1981 Donruss Stat Leader

The 1981 Donruss Statistical Leader card is a 2nd card from the 1981 Donruss set.  It is considered a subset rookie.

This card doesn’t have a number and it is less valuable than the #13 Nicklaus card from this set. it’s a great vintage Nicklaus card and these may be the best pants to ever appear on a sports card.

Review of Jack Nicklaus rookies. 

1973-74 Panini Considered a rookie

1971 Barratt & Co. Considered a rookie

1982 Donruss Considered a rookie.

1982 Donruss  Statistical Leader Considered a subset rookie