Learn All About the Walt Frazier Rookie Card

By: Marty Beets

Walt "Clyde" Frazier is one of the greatest basketball players of all time. In addition to being a basketball star, he is also a cultural icon and one of the most beloved New York athletes ever.

His rookie and early cards are very sought after and valuable. Let's take a look at some of these vintage Walt Frazier trading cards.

1969-70 tOPPS

Card #98

This card is the most widely-recognized Walt Frazier rookie card. It is considered a Walt Frazier rookie.

The 1969-70 Topps Basketball set is one of the best sets ever - and the Frazier rookie is one of the key cards in the set. It is very valuable in high-grade conditions.

1969-70 tOPPS rULER

The 1969-70 Topps Rulers were inserted into packs of cards.  It is considered an insert rookie.

Card #17

The 1969-70 Topps Rulers are almost 10" tall and are made of paper.  They are rare in good condition because the paper became brittle over time.

1970-71 Topps

card #120

The 1970-71 Walt Frazier card is his 2nd-year Topps card.  It is not considered a rookie card.

The 1970-71 Topps set is another classic basketball set.  Like the 1969-70 set, the cards are called "tallboy" cards because they are taller than standard-sized cards.

1970-71 Topps All Star

cards #120

This is a 2nd Frazier card in the 1970-71 Topps Basketball set. It is not considered a rookie card.

This is a subset card that honors Walt Frazier for being named to the All-Star team.  The back of this card has a black-and-white photo of Frazier. 

Walt Frazier early cards. 

1969-70 Topps Ruler  Insert Rookie

1969-70 Topps Universally considered a rookie card

1970-71 Topps Not a Rookie

1970-71 Topps All-Star Not a Rookie